Sermons 2012

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Date Title Presenter
2012-10-19 What is the standard and what stops us from keeping it John Adolfi Play
2012-07-20 God Still Moves Clark Sergant Play
2013-01-05 Now_thank_Wel_our_God_-Clark_Sargent_-_11-17-12_04.mp3 Play
2013-08-17 Out of theWilderness Clark Sargent Play
2012-06-15 Trouble or Blessing Will Comley Play
2013-01-05 Will_Comley_-_Trouble_or_Blessing_6-16-12_06.mp3 Play
2012-10-05 Trust Not Courage Will Comley Play
2012-10-12 The Communication with God David Rodrigues Play
2012-12-14 Liberity Robin Caster Play
2012-04-20 Being a Good Samaritian Today Robin Caster Play
2012-04-06 Unity in the bonds of peace Pastor Hess Play
2012-11-16 Now Thank We All Our God Clark Sargent Play
2012-07-27 Wheres Your Passion Jonh Adolfi Play
2012-05-04 Figeratvely Speaking Jason Chase Play
2012-12-11 God is Love Part 1 Christen Adolfi Play
2013-01-05 Elijah Will Comley Play
2013-05-11 World History Part 1 Don Mayer Jr Play
2013-09-08 World History Part 2 Don Mayer Play
2012-01-28 Treasures, My Testimony Christen Adolfi Play
2012-09-11 O the deep deep love of Jesus Christen Adolfi Play
2012-09-21 Leaning on the Everlasting_Arms Christen Adolfi Play
2012-04-13 Obnoxious Love Aaron Purkeypile Play
2012-06-08 What is_the 1888 message? John Adolfi Play
2012-06-01 Gods Plan Jarod Caster Play
2012-02-24 Jesus Our Advocate Dean Ingersoll Play
2012-01-13 The DevotedMentior Will Comley Play
2012-01-20 The God Of Grace Pastor_Hess Pastor Robert Hess Play
2012-01-27 Lavish Freedom Christen Adolfi Play
2011-12-30 The Plusses Pitfalls Authors Teachers Preachers John Adolfi Play
2012-02-10 Our Greatest Sin Clark Sargent Play
2012-02-17 Love At Home Pastor Robert Hess Play